Inez + Vinoodh - New York Times


It was the same stylist, Mel Ottenberg, who found the red Comme des Garçons cape. Again, there was a lot of talk about materials—the glossy and the matte, and the waxy and the dry. When he found this look and sent it to Bjork, immediately she was like, ‘That’s it. That is 100% perfect.’ The moment she wore it, she started spinning around and making these abstract, beautiful [shapes]. Her expression is so full of life and her attitude says, ‘I’m back here, and I’m ready to step out into the world.’ Again, it was a very touching and beautiful experience for all of us to find Björk—the same with Interview Magazine—as the beauty that she is, and not necessarily symbolizing an album.

Inez van Lamsweerde - Artsy- Mars 2015

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