[Verse 1 : Björk]
The warm, open wind on my skin
Primordial, a plants glazed at me
With moisture directed at me, erupts
My hair fossilised with salt and crust (Crust)

[Chorus : Emilie Nicolas & Björk]
Allow, allow, allow
Allow you to grow (Allow)
Allow, allow, allow, allow
Allow, allow, allow, allow me (You to grow, you to grow)
Me to grow (Me to grow, grow, grow)
[Post-Chorus : Björk]
Allow, allow
To grow

[Verse 2 : Björk, Björk & Emilie Nicolas]
I look up at the treetops
I will braid those twigs together
Create a cathedral ceiling above me
How I long to float at midair
Between the branches amongst impossible magic

[Chorus : Björk, Emilie Nicolas]
Allow, allow, allow
Allow you (Allow, allow, allow)
Allow, allow, allow it to happen (Allow, allow you to grow)
Oh, happen to us
Allow, allow, allow (Ooh)

[Outro : Emilie Nicolas, Björk, Both]
I made a moon (Allow, allow)
A translucent one
Now could I (Cut it out into something)
Cut it out for someone like you
How mysterious I must feel to you
The universe and the sky too
My little phoеnix
When you burst out a song from my lips



Titre co-écrit avec Arca et enregistré lors de leurs vacances aux Caraïbes, qui n’a pas été retenu pour Utopia.

La chanteuse norvégienne Emilie Nicolas est en featuring.

Bjork brings a new track up on her laptop, “Allow”. It’s one of the most straightforward, melodic songs that she’s played so far, though she isn’t sure if she’ll include it on the final record. The song illustrates the way that her relationship with Ghersi has developed over time. "We had a lot of holidays together," she says. “We got Airbnbs in the Caribbean. We‘d walk in the
jungles, recording birds. The lyrics are very much like that Just us, swimming in the ocean for days. On day nine, that song just happened.“

Dazed & confused, 11 août 2017


  • Arca
  • Emilie Nicolas