Björk en guest d’Arca au Shed

Arca, musicienne et collaboratrice de Björk, est actuellement invitée au centre culturel The Shed pour une performance expérimentale en 4 actes intitulée : Mutant ;Faith. Et surprise, Björk a participé hier soir à la partie Ripples (Ondulations).

Habillée d’une robe « coquillage » ThreeASFOUR, Björk a interprété une chanson inédite en espagnol qui devrait se retrouver sur le nouvel album d’Arca, à paraître en 2020.

Extrait de la performance :

Retour en anglais sur leur prestation :

it was something like that, very humble, very simple, the way arca announced her. the crowd went wild. no one could possibly imagine björk would make a surprise appearance as a singer at a chapter 3 of a fellow’s residency ! she walked to the stage very calmly and serene, singing her very well-known gibberish and ad libs. the song chosen is a new one, with elastic industrial aggressive dynamics, gorgeous melodies, almost absent of beats. björk used her wonder vocals to create an instant catchy song. do you know those kind of hopeful sounds ? this is what i am talking about. she did not save up any breath, she sang her heart out. she seemed very happy as arca introduced her profusely. she was wearing a metallic circle flower-like dress that fully covered her front head to toe. the fabric reminded me a bit of the one used on “the gate” by gucci. everytime she slightly bent over, you could see her face. she smiled for the entire song. think about “storm” goes emo. to cry for. start to end. i did. sobbing.


source : 4um / HöShI / / The Shed / Stereogum

28 septembre 2019

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