all of my mouth was kissing him
now into the air i am missing him
is this excess texting a blessing
or just two music nerds obsessing

he reminds me of the love in me
i’m celebrating on a vibrancy
sending each other mp3s
falling in love to a song

this handsommest of wickermen
he asked if i could wait for him
now how many lightyears this interim
while falling in love with his songs

his hands are good in protecting me
touching and caressing me
but would it be trespassing
wanting him to be blissing me
robbing him of his youth

cliffhanger like suspension
my longing has formed its own skeleton
bridging the gap between singletons
sending each other these songs

the interior of these melodies
is perhaps where we are meant to be
our physical union a fantasy
i just fell in love with

so i reserve my intimacies
i bundle them up in packages
my rawward longing far too visceral
did i just fall in love with love ?

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Paroles de serpentwithfeet
I tied my heart to do more than miss him
trained it to beat a less desperate rhythm
now my heart has gone rogue it prefers longing
so I’ll stand here and pretend that you’re close to me
but I don’t have enough clothes to dress all of the people I become
when you’re kissing me
Is that why you stay kind
you don’t want me to stress
But you’re blissing me
You make me so happy, yeah yeah

Blissing Me

15 novembre 2017

2ème single d’Utopia


Paroles : Björk
Ecriture : Björk
Production : Björk et Arca
Mixage : Heba Kadry
Mixage vocal : Marta Salogni


Blissing me (album version) 5:06
Blissing me (duo avec serpentwithfeet) 4:16
Blissing me (harp version) 5:05


“Blissing Me” is the second taste we’ve heard from Utopia, and if the world sounded like this, what a world it would be. Over jingling strings, co-produced with Arca, she sings a charmingly modern love song about, “two music nerds obsessing” over text message and email, “Sending each other MP3s/Falling in love to a song.” It’s as focused as she’s sounded in years, a statement that perhaps paradise isn’t always a lofty concept, but sometimes found in the hearts of two people who care for each other. She ends the song with a plainspoken question, maybe the question that, at certain moments, matters most in life : “Did I just fall in love with him ?” As she told Dazed earlier this year : “Being in love, in the countryside, in nature, with the lake and the sky. That’s enough. You don’t need anything more.” What a simple, hopeful proposition. If the quality and sincerity of this song is any indication, she means every word of it.


There was definitely a moment making this album where how much I was texting went up. It was with several people ; it wasn’t just one person. It was really curious. I was almost like an explorer going to new territory, seeing what it felt like. When you feel really connected to someone and you are texting them every day, sometimes all day, and then you meet them, you kind of feel embarrassed. It’s like it’s more natural to be texting them than to actually sit next to them. I’d never really had that feeling before. I found that very exotic. It was this mental energy that was almost utopian, like a fantasy. I wanted to explore that and see what it felt like. I don’t think you can blame that on technology—you hear stories about people 200 years ago writing each other letters and completely falling in love. Maybe they didn’t meet that often, but it was still pure love.