John Flynn



John Flynn

Composition | Programmation

John Flynn aka Spaces est un musicien électronique. Il a sorti deux EP sur le label Bleep.

Travail avec Björk

Rencontre et collaboration avec Björk

The fact that you did work Björk went somewhat for most Irish music fans. How did that come about ?
Well she got in touch with me a few years ago after hearing my stuff and thought it would work well with material she was working on at the time. It was quite a bizarre moment when she first contacted, I think I was out somewhere and I checked email on my phone and there was one that began something like, ‘hi my name is bjork, i’m writing music at home…’ … ?! Then also to hear her voice singing over my production was so strange, interesting, weird but above all I was taken aback by the melody she chose. It was in an entirely different harmony to my original production but worked so well and I instantly loved the way it made the beats new for me again.
So it was strange at first but it became normal quite quick, she’s really down to earth and made the whole process really easy. We just took it from there. To be honest she’s just like the rest of us in that she is very serious about, and genuinely loves, music.
Do you have any further plans to collaborate with her ? Any other collaborations in the pipeline ?
We’re still in touch, I can’t really talk about further plans. I don’t like speaking about things before they’re ready to be released, in fact when from when she first got in touch with me up to the day she announced me as part of the album I didn’t tell any of my family and friends. It’s funny because I was speaking to Manu Delago her percussionist and he mentioned the same thing. He kept silent until their first tracks came out too.

John Flynn à propos de Quicksand

On “Quicksand”, I had an idea of what it was and what the music stood for, but the way the singing navigates the beat took it to a new place. I believe it’s about her mother, though she didn’t speak of it too much.

Uncut - Avril 2017