Kaoru Sugano


  • Björk Digital 2016-2020

Kaoru Sugano

Directeur de Dentsu Lab Tokyo

Travail avec Björk

In 2016, I worked with Björk. At first glance, Björk doesn’t look like a person from Iceland - you can’t tell where she’s from. She said that since childhood, she’s often been told that she looks Japanese, and she feels an affinity to the Japanese. Björk has done a lot of collaborative projects with Japanese creators such as [Nobuyoshi] Araki-san, Rei Kawakubo-san, and Junya Wanatabe-san. Björk said that if she hadn’t been in a band - I think she was referring to "The Sugarcubes" - she would have come to Tokyo to study animation. The Japanese animation culture is certainly amazing, but unlike New York which is a mecca in the jazz world, a system has not been built here where people from all over the world can become a central part of the animation culture. It’s such a pity.

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