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Katie Gately


Katie Gately est une musicienne américaine. Après des remix pour Björk et Zola Jesus, elle a produit des pistes pour serpentwithfeet. Elle a sorti un album chez TriAngle Records en 2016 intitulé Color et un autre appelé Loom, en 2020, dédié à sa mère décédée.


  • Family (remix by Katie Gately)

A propos du remix

“katie gately was introduced to me through our mutual friend robin carolan. i was immediately blown away by her universe : has a refined engineers point of view expressing melancholy with some organic physical sonic fine textures. she picked her song and it didnt surprise me she went for family. i feel out of all the remixes she really took it most somewhere else while keeping true to the core of the song. which is that fascinating contradiction of the best remixes... ”


Katie Gately à propos de leur collaboration

Robin Carolan introduced us through email and bjork asked if i was interested in remixing, which... i undoubtedly was. i asked to work on "family". When I got the stems, I started by just erasing all of them except for the vocals, and allowed myself to add anything to the stew which was originally a "voice" – a sound made from a vocal chord. I harmonized her main vocal line with pitch-shifted owls, peacocks, hyenas and sparrow calls and turned that into the new track. I spoke with her on the phone afterwards, and she seemed excited that it was so different from the original.

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