Micol Ragni


Vulnicura Utopia


  • Tournée Vulnicura 2015-2017

Micol Ragni


Styliste d’origine italienne.

Travail avec Björk

Micol Ragni à propos de Björk

When you worked with Björk on ‘the vagina dress’, was it a collaborative process or did she trust you to create it on your own ?
I think that one of the beautiful things about Björk is that she picks her collaborators in such a way that she can trust them to do what they want. I had some directions on colour and on certain shapes and silhouettes, but it was totally my own intuition and vision and that’s what made the process even more beautiful.
So now Erykah and Björk have worn your designs, who’s next on the list ?
Grace Jones, for sure. But for now, I’m happy working closely with Björk, and focusing my attention on her. As long as I’m working with women and men who have a strong sense of themselves, then I’m happy, though. Famous or not, that’s what’s most important to me.