The Heritage Orchestra




  • Tournée Vulnicura 2015-2017

The Heritage Orchestra


Orchestre originaire du Royaume-Uni composé de 15 à 60 musiciens.

Travail avec Björk

Orchestre de la tournée européenne Vulnicura.


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Bjork rehearsals begin !!

Posted by Heritage Orchestra on mardi 23 juin 2015


« The strings wail out in soaring unison, floating on top of an undercurrent of fractured, bass-driven, electronics and stark drums. » The Independent

« Björk doesn’t do break-up like anyone else. She was joined onstage by members of hip young things the Heritage Orchestra, who’ve previously brought a thrilling dynamic to shows by Sparks, Anna Calvi and John Cale. » The Telegraph

« Hurt-filled confessionals about family abandonment could easily fall flat in front of standing evening drinkers, but the white-clad Heritage Orchestra keep the energy levels up as the sumptuous, complex arrangements shift from classical serenity to Psycho-like violin intensity, over the pulverising electronic sub-bass energy of a club. » The Guardian