It’s a short term affair
you’re my children’s au-pair
but I just couldn’t bear
to keep my hands off you

I was barely eighteen
what you did was obscene
but to me it felt clean
what else was I to do ?

The memory still lingers
you’re cooking the kids fish-fingers
and ironing

Each morning you’d come down
in your paisley dressing gown
then you’d sing
and the yearning started for a

Short term affair
no intention to stray
I was caught in your snare
but my wife was away
it was so debonair
so I thought what the hey
I knew I couldn’t resist

It was a short term affair
you’re the man, you’re the boss
when I found you right there
like the father I lost
cleaning our silver-ware
so to hell with the cost
right then at once we kissed

You took me to the kitchen
your hands kinda started twitchin’
I felt so shy

Nothing could stop what followed
lucky for me you swallowed
every lie

I know it’s all over now
try to be strong somehow
I’ll start a brand new life
please, please don’t tell my wife
but I won’t, I won’t stop loving you
please, please don’t tell my wife
au revoir, ciao, auf wiedersehen
we must never meet again

Short term affair

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Tony Ferrino - Short Term Affair

Björk chante en duo avec Tony Ferrino (Steve Coogan) sur Short Term Affair.

Interprété en 1997 avec l’humoriste anglais lors de l’émission caritative « Red Nose Day » organisée par l’association Comic Relief. La même année, il l’a chanté aussi avec Kim Wilde.

Une chanson aux paroles grivoises sur les prestations buccales d’une fille au pair avec un homme marié.
voir le live dans la rubrique TV Performances

No children’s au pairs were harmed in the making of this video !

Björk, 5 septembre 2012

Versions disponibles

Short Term Affair 3:52 sur l’album Phenomenon
Short Term Affair (Live) 3:57 CD vendu lors de la soirée



  • Tony Ferrino (Steve Coogan)