1. Crystalline (Omar Souleyman Remix)
2. Virus (Hudson Mohawke “Peaches and Guacamol” Rework)
3. Sacrifice (Death Grips Remix)
4. Sacrifice ((Matthew Herbert’s Pins And Needles Mix) edit)
5. Mutual Core (These New Puritans Remix featuring Soloman Is. Song)
6. Hollow (16-bit Remix)
7. Mutual Core (Matthew Herbert’s “Teutonic Plates” Mix)
8. Thunderbolt (Death Grips Remix)
9. Dark Matter (Alva Noto Remodel)
10. Thunderbolt (Omar Souleyman Remix)
11. Solstice (Current Value Remix)
12. Moon (The Slips Remix)
13. Crystalline (Matthew Herbert Remix)

Biophilia remix


3 décembre 2012

Compilation de remix de l’album Biophilia


Björk à propos de l’album

“I felt it important to gather together the essence of the remixes,” said Björk of bastards, “so I picked a quarter of them for one cd for people who are perhaps not too sassy downloaders or don’t have the time or energy to partake in the hunter-gathering rituals of the internet.”
“I was incredibly impressed by how the core of the mixes took Biophilia somewhere else while still keeping its character, and like they so often do when at their best : the remixes gave the songs more beats ; legs to dance on ! I spent some time editing together not necessarily the best ones but the ones that made the strongest whole.”

FactMag, Octobre 2012

“I probably should have done it with every album,” she remarks, “but you know, I just get too busy.”

The Line Of best Fit Nov 2012

What was nice about this album, Bastards (pictured below), was that it was something that grew naturally on the side. I worked on Biophilia for four years ; a long time. And during these four years every one or two months I would think wow that would be amazing if this person would do a version of that song. I’ve always been really interested in remixes. I think it’s a really interesting form because it allows a lot of freedom : you pick a song and you do another version of that same song but you can choose completely different ingredients so you’re keeping the spirit of the song.
I started bicycling and listening to the mixes down the beach. It seemed really easy to edit them to eliminate two thirds of them and there was like a core that was kind of similar. Because the subject matter was science and nature I wanted elemental beats that sounded like eruptions or thunder and lightning.
All the collaborators, without me planning it, are people who make elemental beats, like the nature here in Iceland. The stories behind those remixes are all different. Some came and joined me in Brooklyn where I was writing at the time and they were actually involved in the making of the album. People like 16 Bit and Matthew Herbert actually ended up with some of their parts on the album and, after hanging out for a while, they went home and did their version. Others were more traditional remixes where I just sent something and then I just got sent something back. With The Slips remix, he was basically just a fan who did a remix without even receiving any parts. Somebody just sent this to us and I thought it was so great I decided to put it on the album.
How did you choose the name Bastards ?
Bastards ? I was just looking in the dictionary the words that meant hybrid. That seemed too much too soft a word because a lot of these beats are pretty hard. Bastards seemed more appropriate for the elemental nature of the album.
And you put a couple of mixes of the same songs on there ; why did you do that ?
Just because they were good mixes !

The Arts Desk , Nov 2012




  • 16bit
  • Alva Noto
  • Andrew Thomas Huang
  • Current Value
  • Death Grips
  • Hudson Mohawke
  • Matthew Herbert
  • Omar Souleyman
  • The Slips
  • These New Puritans