Interview des réalisateurs du clip Wanderlust

Sean Hellfritsch & Isaiah Saxo d’Encyclopedia Pictura sont interviewés sur la réalisation du clip en 3D pour le titre Wanderlust prévu en Février :

« Björk had seen our last music video (Grizzly Bear) and gave us a call. The concept of the video is our attempt at creating mytho-poetic cosmology of a primitive world complete with water deities and the struggle towards the future. The main theme being nomadism since it is for the track ‘Wanderlust.’

There are a number of different elements shot, or created in post, that all have to be combined, There is a large-scale, pre-human Yak-puppet, about 7-feet long and 7-feet tall, then there is Björk, then there is a version of Björk that she wears on her backpack played by a professional dancer, a large river god/transcendental beast, the landscapes shot in miniature and the CG river. So each of those elements were manifested in a completely different environment and shot differently. »

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6 décembre 2007

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