Kasimyn (Gabber Modus Operandi)



Kasimyn (Gabber Modus Operandi)


Kasimyn fait partie du duo indonésien Gabber Modus Operandi, qui mélange le Dangdut Koplo (courant indonésien pop des années 90) et musique gabber.

Travail avec Björk

Collaboration sur trois titres de l’album Fossora : Atopos, Trölla-Gabba et Fossora.

Björk a sélectionné leur titre lors de ses dj set et pour Sonos Radio :

She had a feeling they would be on the same wavelength. When Ican Harem and DJ Kasimyn first spoke to her over a video call, she explained she was making her “mushroom album. It’s like digging a hole in the ground. This time around, I’m living with moles and really grounding myself. I don’t know if that’s too far-fetched for you guys, but I have to speak in this sort of music lingo,’” she told them. “And they were like : ‘Oh, it’s funny you say that, but last week we took some gamelan drums and dug them in the ground and played them there and recorded it. So, yes, we know what you mean.’” She laughs. “Literally ! I was just talking metaphorically !” The duo emailed her beats, which she painstakingly edited into Fossora’s fiddly time signatures, resulting in blasts of what the trio call “biological techno” (also the name of their WhatsApp group chat).

The Guardian - Août 2022