Stéphane Sednaoui


Debut Post


  • Tournée Debut 1993-1994

Stéphane Sednaoui

Graphisme | Illustration - Photographie - Réalisation

Stéphane Sednaoui est un photographe, réalisateur français. Il a entre autres réalisé des clips pour Mirwais, Tricky, R.E.M. Garbage, NTM.

Travail avec Björk

Il a réalisé les clips de Big Time Sensuality et Possibly Maybe ainsi que Vessel, le live de la tournée Debut. On lui doit aussi la pochette de Post.

A propos du shooting Post

We shot in a tiny street in the business center of London. Nothing we can guess on the pictures but i wanted the energy of the street as i thought it was much better than if we had shot in a boring closed up studio. More real experience.

It was such a big set and for many reasons I had quite a lot of pressure so i had asked Steven Keith-Roach the DP (director of photography) I always worked with on music videos, to come and help us do the light for this shoot. In addition to flashes we used a huge cinema light and therefor the speed was quite slow, 1/15second, that’s why many parts of the picture are motion blurred which adds to the mood.

A very important part of the making of this cover was Björk’s make up. My dear @sarahreygate did it, she picked the mood of the set and managed to do a colorful and yet delicate make up, keeping Björk natural. To me one of the strong impact of the cover is how the energy and the colors matches between front and background. Maybe less obvious on this rough outtake than on the final cover.

Originally, on our first talks I wanted Björk to be surrounded by her personal possession from her home, but Paul White the art director proposed to build a castle made of cards (postcards). Björk liked the idea but my problem was that a structure of postcards might be a bit stiff so I suggested to hang the cards and let them move with the wind. You see sometimes on those outtakes ( like here on the bottom right) people on the floor trying to control the movements.

source : instagram