Chris Pike



Chris Pike

Ingénieur·e du son

Expert scientifique du son à la BBC

Travail avec Björk

Björk à propos de Stonemilker

i had recorded the strings with a clip on mike on each instrument . we have made a different mix where we have fanned this in an intimate circle around the listener .
so as you watch this in the virtual reality headset it will be as if you are on that beach and with the 30 players sitting in a circle tightly around you

A propos de leur collaboration

Bjork and her mixing engineer (Chris Pike, who is senior audio R&D engineer at the BBC) remixed the song specifically for VR and our engine. They could position different instruments at any point in space at a very high resolution and surround the listener with her music and voice. On the mobile device, our engine takes all that information and recreates a binaural mix in real-time based on head tracking data. She’s stripped down the mix to reflect the visuals (it was shot on a beach in Iceland).

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