I am strong in his hands
I am beyond me
on my own i’m human
and I do faults

I do confess
I feel you trickeling
down my shoulders
from above

I turn myself in
I give myself up
you own me : I’m yours

You have to trust it
I’m eternally yours
all that I gave them
I gave to you

So needy of comfort
but too raw to be embraced
undo this privacy
and put me in my place

Generous palmstroke
the hugest of hugs
undo this privacy

Embrace me

I am strong in his hands
I am above
way beyond me

She’s strong in his hands
she is beyond her
on her own she is human
and she does faults

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Generous Palmstroke

Face B du single Hidden Place. Le titre est également disponible sur la version japonaise de Vespertine.


Co-écrite avec la harpiste Zeena Parkins, la chanson est un moment fort de la tournée Vespertine.


Production : Marius de Vries
Programmation : Björk, Jake Davies, Marius de Vries
Écriture (harpe) : Zeena Parkins



  • Jake Davies
  • Zeena Parkins