Graham Massey


Debut Post Telegram

Graham Massey

Composition | Programmation - Production - Remix

Graham Massey est un des fondateurs du groupe 808 State.

Travail avec Björk


  • Remix de Planet des Sugarcubes


Graham Massey à propos de Debut

You couldn’t help but notice the huge shift in the culture, to the rave era. She was looking to work in that electronic realm, and started doing all the things she couldn’t do in a group. We arranged to meet in London when 808 State were doing The Word, and she played us a demo of tracks from Debut, done with an Icelandic brass quartet. Some of that survived on the record, arranged by Oliver Lake from the World Saxophone Quartet.
She was a real music nerd ! I remember her giving me a Chet Baker
LP. She recorded lots of those standards with harpist Corky Hale, although only one [“Like Someone In Love”] made the album. She was exploring, throwing the whole thing wide open. When she initially started Debut, I was there. Then other things popped up as Nellee Hooper took over.

Uncut - Avril 2017

Graham Massey à propos de Post

She was always playing “It’s Oh So Quiet” to taxi drivers. She would carry music around with her on a ghetto blaster, and play it for anyone ! Taxi drivers, in restaurants, anywhere. She was a natural DJ.
She used to come over to Manchester quite a bit and we’d go into any studio we could get. One of my mates had a studio in a terraced house, and that’s where we wrote “Army Of Me” in an afternoon. It’s a simple thing, just a drum beat and step sequencer. She was dabbling around with the QY-20, a little pocket sequencer. She wasn’t afraid of technology. She had loads of ideas. Initially, the lyrics were in Icelandic, then she came back with English ones. Later, we took it to FON Studios in Sheffield and remade the track.

Uncut - Avril 2017

Guy Sigsworth à propos de la tournée Post

"Post was recorded with a range of different producers, and when it came to arranging the album material for live performance, only Graham Massey was available to give me program numbers, samples, patches and sequence information.

Sound on Sound - mai 1996

Graham Massey à propos de Homogenic

Her voice was always shocking, in a way. She would just bang it out on the first take. I remember being absolutely goose-bumpingly gob-smacked about what she could do on a first take. It’s jazz, really. That was in her background.

Uncut - Avril 2017