I wake up
and the day feels broken
I tilt my head
I’m trying to get an angle

’Cause the evening
I’ve always longed for
it could still happen

How do I master
the perfect day
six glasses of water
seven phonecalls

If you leave it alone
it might just happen

It’s not up to you - well, it never really was...

If you wake up
and the day feels a-broken
just lean into the crack
and it will tremble
ever so nicely
how it sparkles
down there

I can decide what I give
but it’s not up to me
what I get given

Unthinkable surprises
about to happen
but what they are

It’s not up to you
well, it never really was...

There’s too much
to peak
there’s too much

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It’s Not Up To You


Programmation des Beats : Valgeir Sigurðsson
Clavecin et arrangements clavecin : Guy Sigsworth
Arrangements harpe : Björk, Zeena Parkins
Harpe : Caryl Thomas, Zeena Parkins
Arrangements cordes et orchestrations : Vince Mendoza
Arrangements choeur : Björk, Vince Mendoza
Ingénieurs Protools : Jake Davies, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Leigh Jamieson



  • Jake Davies