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Markus Dravs au sujet de Jóga

She wrote the song ’Joga’ for a friend of hers, and she explained that particular character to me. First of all, she set out an overall picture, like whether it’s a song of no compromise or whether it’s about a character who’s very enthusiastic and helpful ; she’d say we should do heartbeats or whatever.
I then came up with a rhythm that seemed to fit that description of a personality, and she said, ’Oh, the distortion is a bit too abstract ; it should be more punchy.’ We did other hits, maybe start again, but those first noises wouldn’t necessarily be thrown away. Then Mark had a go with it. He took 99 percent of what I did and came up with some noises, which gave me new ideas and I’d have another go.

Musician, decembre 1997

Markus Dravs à propos de Björk

While Dravs has worked with a wide range of artists, possibly the most eccentric he has recorded is Björk. He notes, “Björk is very poetic in the way she describes the emotion of what she would like to express with a song – she’s adaptable in terms of whether it’s this or that bass-drum for example, but she knows exactly what the function of a particular instrument should be and what image it should portray. She definitely has things mapped out in her head, but there is a fair bit of experimentation going on into how to best transform that into a production.”
Dravs explains that her vocals are often recorded in a very simple fashion. “A lot of times, Bjork would listen to an almost finished mix and then pick-up a Shure SM57 mic in the control-room, with the speakers on (with a bit of Urei compression on) and re-sing the lead vocal in order to adjust her singing dynamic to what she’s hearing at that point and then lay down a blinding performance, as she has got such great mic technique., 6 Octobre 2008