Björk - Triumph of a Heart

musicOMH, 28 février 2005

Björk - Triumph of a Heart (One Little Indian)UK release date : 28 February 2005

Even by Björk’s lavish and lauded standards of the brilliantly barmy, this single is as off its head as anything Reykjavik’s greatest export has recorded.

Triumph of a Heart is the arresting final track from her voices only album Medúlla—an admirable, if difficult, record. It begins with balloons being blown up and goes on to feature a sequenced cacophany of meaows, mmmmms, parps, waaayaas and other side-splitting human voice noises all strung together like so many deranged pixies letting out their tensions in pixie disco land.

Lyrically there’s nothing to write home about, but the fun is to be had in letting the sheer otherworldly inventiveness of Björk’s mind stake a claim in your space with one of the most original arrangements of anything you’ll hear all year.

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