24 juillet 2015

Poble Espanyol

Barcelone, Espagne

Extrait de chronique

(…) The strings come first, a 15-piece, white-clad string section making their way onto the stage as dusk falls, followed by producer Arca and percussionist Manu Delago. The sound they make is both lush - all swooping, classic ambience - and minimal, the sparse electronics and percussion leaving space for Björk’s peerless voice to roam. Their live set up also closely mirrors the spartan beats-and-string sound of Vulnicura, whose opening tracks - ’Stonemilker’ and ’Lionsong’ - are the first two tracks played tonight. The former is a moment of pop catharsis, with exquisite string lines floating in a crystalline sound mix, the latter a dual between vocal and strings over a hiccuping groove. Björk herself is wearing a mask that, from 15 rows back, makes her look like a deep-sea-dwelling crustacean and celebrates ’Stonemilker’ by breaking into an oddly stiff-legged walk, like a stringed puppet.


There follows a selection of older songs. But rather than rolling out the greatest hits, these seem to have been selected to complement the narrative of Vulnicura, conveying a story in a way that is almost operatic. Ben Cardew, The Quietus

sur scène

  • Arca
  • Manu Delago
  • The Heritage Orchestra


habillée par

  • James Merry


  • Andrew Thomas Huang
  • Encyclopedia Pictura
  • Inez+Vinoodh
  • Stephen Malinowski