Michael Van der Ham




  • Tournée Biophilia 2011-2013
  • Tournée Vulnicura 2015-2017

Michael Van der Ham


Designer Néerlandais, Michael Van der Ham a réalisé certaines robes de la tournée Biophilia ainsi que des chaussures.


Björk porte également des créations Van den Ham hors scène :

Björk porte une de ses création dans le clip Mutual Core

A propos de Bjork

I’ve met her a couple of times, but she came to the showroom when I was in New York and bought a lot of pieces. I wanted to create something special for her, so she sent me the theme of her album and I made her some suitable outfits for her performances.

source : grazia daily)

MICHAEL VAN DER HAM has a new fan in Bjork. The London-based designer has created two dresses for the star’s Biophillia project, a series of live music and shoes as part of Manchester International Festival.
"After I designed a dress for her to be worn during an Inez and Vinoodh shoot last year, she contacted me to see if she could borrow a new dress right after my show for a dinner she was hosting at London Fashion Week - it was so exciting," Van der Ham told us. "Then, this year I invited her to my showroom in New York to have a look at my autumn/winter 2011 collection and now she has several pieces from the collection. I knew she was going on tour again, so I simply offered to do some special dresses that would fit the aesthetic of her new album."
Together the pair worked closely together to create two looks that would strongly reflect the singer’s Biophillia tour.
"She was quite specific that the visuals would have a lot of electric blue and copper colours, so that was my starting point," said Van der Ham. "It really was such a fun thing to do and it’s such an honour she’s wearing my designs. It’s her most ambitious project so far, with amazing new technology."
The designer, who was last year snapped up by Liberty, says his love of Bjork has been an enduring one.
"I’ve been a fan of hers from when I was a kid" he said. "Her work is seminal. Nobody in music does what she does. I think she dresses really interestingly ; I love how she mostly wears independent designers. I think it’s so unfair the way she sometimes is portrayed in the press in silly worst dressed pages just because she doesn’t look like any other singer or actress."

source : vogue

For the ‘Biophilia’ tour you designed for Björk a bespoke asymmetrical blue velvet and brocade garment, and a shorter dress in patchworked gold lamé and lace. Did she wear your designs before the ‘Biophilia’ tour and did she have any input or requests for the garments ?
Michael van der Ham : She wore a lot of existing dresses before that and we met a couple of times before when she asked to wear dresses for dinners. She came to my showroom on another occasion when I knew she was working on the ‘Biophilia’ tour and new album at the time, so I simply offered to make her some special dresses, specifically for the project. I know she wants to wear things that are related to the ecstatic of the album, so she sent me tons of interesting research material of images, moods and references. I worked on fabrics and shapes that would suit it all, it was so much fun to work on the project ; except for the colours, she just let me just get on with it.

source 200percentmag